Afflecks Gambling Incident Takes Toll On Marriage

We already reported last week that Ben Affleck got booted from the blackjack tables at Hard Rock Casino, but it seems now that the casino is not the only one that doesn’t trust the American actor at the blackjack tables. American gossip magazine Star Magazine claims Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s wife, also lost faith in Affleck and she wants him to quit gambling for good.

Card counting

Although none of the parties involved has released an official statement, Star Magazine’s sources say Affleck was asked to leave the blackjack tables because he was counting cards. The new batman didn’t attempt to hide the fact that he was card counting and because of that he was asked to play other games instead. Garner accompanied Affleck at the tables and, when asked to leave, left the tables looking embarrassed and ashamed.

Big fight

When the couple later went to their hotel room it marked the beginning of a huge fight and for 15 minutes all people around the room could hear were loud screams. Garner was angry because Affleck had been gambling and playing card games every single night while they were in Vegas and she demanded him to quit gambling altogether. Affleck did not seem to like this idea however, and told her he was a grown man that could make his own decisions. According to Star Magazine it’s not the first time the couple was fighting due to Affleck’s gambling behavior and it seems to be putting a lot of stress on their marriage.