Building a Custom Blackjack Deck

One of the essential aspects of playing blackjack is the deck of card or cards used. And there is no surprise that many people want to make their custom decks. Whether it is for a weekend poker game between friends, or business or hotel looking to add an item to their gift shop, custom decks, and specifically blackjack decks can add class and interest.

Many casinos around the world have adopted multiple decks into their games to dissuade players from card counting. Casinos also use a gaming device called a shoe to sort multiple decks easily. But for players playing at home, a single deck usually does the trick. But selecting the perfect deck for a game of blackjack can be difficult.

Blackjack Deck Jokers

The first key difference between a standard deck of cards and a blackjack deck are the jokers. In many favourite card games, the jokers are used as wild cards. The joker was introduced in German games in the mid-1800’s as the highest trump card for a favourite game Eurchre, where players would compete to have the highest suit cards to win sets. Since its introduction in Germany, joker cards (mostly in sets of 2 or 4) have been added to decks. In blackjack, however, the joker is not used. Only the number and face cards are required so that the jokers can be omitted from the deck.

Blackjack Deck Suits and Numbers

In blackjack, all four suits are used. However, the suits have no relative value. A spade is no higher than a diamond, and neither is clover or heart, all are equal. However, in most blackjack decks, the ace of spades is regarded as the “most beautiful” card and usually has a custom design, depending on which casino you are playing in, or publisher of the deck you are using. All number and face cards are required for blackjack. From two to ace. This is different from other games, such as the favourite Dutch game called Toepen, which only requires numbers seven through ace. So a full 52 deck is required.

Blackjack Deck  Card Texture

The texture of the cards is also essential in blackjack. The smoother the card, the easier it is to shuffle properly and deal the cards in an orderly fashion. Most casinos use cards that have a wax coating so that they can slide over each other without much effort. Most casinos have even adopted switching all the decks after every shoe to prevent bent or tampered cards, again this is focused on prohibiting counters and others who mark cards to cheat. Players looking to play blackjack at home should look for the same qualities in a deck of cards, however. Ideally, the deck should have a wax or plastic protective coating to help preserve them.

Blackjack Deck Design

The design of the cards is all up to you. Whether you want to use a pre-designed template or make your own, there are plenty of online resources to help. Remember to make the ace different. This is the card which you can get away with manipulating, so why not go all out and make it as original as possible? Cards are also available in many sizes. This is up to personal preference, but blackjack cards are usually 2.5” x 3.5”.

Blackjack Deck

Optimally a blackjack deck should consist out of 52 cards, 13 in every suit. The cards should have wax or protective plastic cover to help preserve them. The wax coating also helps to shuffle and deal the cards. And lastly, the cards, depending on the occasion, should be personalized to the player’s preference. Pulling out a deck of cards with your company logo or wedding pictures is much more interesting than the ever popular bicycle brand, or any other for that fact.