This basic strategy trainer will help you applying basic strategy. The blackjack basic strategy trainer is quite easy to use, even though you might find that executing a perfect basic strategy isn’t as easy as the name implies. You will need to memorise quite a bit, although most people do find that after a sufficient amount of training the difficulty of memorising gets gradually easier. There are also loads of Blackjack Books to help your training

Blackjack Trainer

You can find the specific guidelines below.

User Instructions
In this trainer, the dealer stands on all 17’s. Blackjack pays out 3 to 2, with all other bets paying out even money. Insurance and surrender are not included, and there’s no doubling after splitting.

In the options, the difficulty can be set to expert mode, which will give you a penalty when you take more than 10 seconds to react.

Trainer Guidelines

The volume, quality and difficulty can be set in the Options.
To start playing right away click “New Game”.
Click the chips to place your bet, then hit DEAL to start the sequence.
Play your cards by using the option at the bottom.
In expert mode, a timer will appear on the right. Reacting too slow will result in a penalty.