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If you are in search of an excellent online blackjack casino you’ve come to the right place. While the ‘best’ casino is always a subjective matter and comes down to the personal taste of graphics and software, we have compiled a list of premium and recommended casinos which feature solid blackjack games.

Best Online Blackjack Casino

The experience of playing blackjack at an online casino is entirely different than playing in a land based casino—and whether to patronise online casinos is a matter of personal preference. Because there is no regulating authority over online gambling (and many of the online casinos are off-shore operations), there is no expected standard, and your experience will vary significantly from site to site. As with all online businesses, caveat emptor.

What are the reasons you should play online blackjack at an online casino?

  1. You can play wherever and whenever you want, without any regulations.
  2. You’ll be in a more comfortable and trustworthy environment.
  3. It is less intimidating; you can play at your own pace, and nobody is watching/judging you.
  4. You can still play with real a live dealer when playing live blackjack.
  5. Online casinos have a more significant offer of blackjack games with more variety (and it is easy to switch games at any time).
  6. You still received loyalty points and in some cases they are far better than land based casinos.

Online Casino Blackjack

Primarily, online casinos offer a place to gamble from your own home (or office or anywhere you have internet access), saving you the expenses (airfare, restaurant meals, and hotel bill) that would be incurred travelling to a brick-and-mortar establishment. Over time, that alone may make up for the losses, and will usually exceed the amount that you might recoup as “comps” in a brick-and-mortar casino. This also makes you able to play whenever you want, an online casino is always open and has time for you whenever you have time for the casino.

Best Online Blackjack CasinoIt’s a more comfortable environment for the (novice) blackjack player, as casino games can be intimidating (which is why most people stick to the slots). It’s much less embarrassing to be corrected by a computer in the privacy of your home than to be reprimanded by a dealer in front of a table of seasoned blackjack players.

Finally, as Sartre says, “hell is other people”—even if you’re usually a social person, the casino environment tends to bring out the worst in people. Because gambling is considered by many religions to be a vice, folks tend to let go of their other inhibitions as well—and a steady stream of free alcohol does little to encourage this. It’s relatively common to be subjected to players who are overbearing, obnoxious, and rude. While the house will sometimes intervene to remind folks to behave themselves, it will also allow people to be as awful as they please if they’re losing money.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you enjoy video games, love blackjack and like the benefits given by an online casino environment, you most definitely will enjoy one of our recommended online casinos.

Blackjack Casino Games

A significant influence on online casinos is the software. In the blackjack casino game, a lot of attention is paid to the equipment to make sure that the house edge is not inflated and it has not tampered with it, that the deck (s) in the game are complete, and the shoe is as random as possible to ensure fairness of play. On an online casino, the only equipment is a software program, which is very easy to rig in favour of the house. While sophisticated auditing software does exist, an advanced programmer can defeat it with some effort.

In cases where the software is written to be fair, it seldom duplicates the off-line parameters. Most commonly, each card is randomised with every draw, as it’s much more efficient to randomise each card when it is needed rather than hold an entire eight-deck shoe in memory. The net effect is the same as if every card were dealt from a freshly shuffled deck. Card counting is useless, and clusters do not exist, so there is no chance that the latter half of the shoe will even out the odds.

Finally, it’s straightforward to exceed your limits when playing at an online casino, where the total amount you’ve lost is often hidden, and the only limit is the credit limit on your card. Because online blackjack seems like (and is) a video game, it can be difficult to quit when you ought to. Also, because you’re playing one-on-one with the computer, the pace of the game is much faster—a few seconds per hand, no pauses between them, so it’s not atypical to play as many as 1,800 hands per hour rather than the 50 that are typical in casino play. Even if you play perfect strategy, and reduce the house’s edge to half a per cent, betting $5 per hand for an hour will leave you with a net loss of $450.00.

Which online casino can i trust

If you are venturing out to find other online casinos to play at, the primary concern when gambling online is the reputability of the establishment. Certainly, any of them will take your money when you lose—but rumours abound of sites that refuse to pay when you win. Some will refuse to pay altogether, while others will force any winnings to be held as a credit to be lost in future play rather and never actually paid out. This is why it’s most important to play reputable casinos only.

Word of mouth can be helpful in finding a reputable online casino but is only as trustworthy as the source. Anyone who proclaims the trustworthiness of an online casino in a chat room or Web site could well be a shill—so unless you know the source, when you are in doubt the best advice would be to risk a small amount (with the knowledge you may be cheated), gradually building as your confidence increases.

The same goes for pay-outs: if you’re unfamiliar with a site, cash out after winning a small amount to see if a check is mailed promptly, or at all. One word of caution: honest online casinos that offer matching or bonus credits may require you to win more than the matched amount, or cycle it through a certain number of hands before that amount can be claimed as winnings.

Certifications of online casinos by accounting firms can be useful in finding a reputable operation, but they shouldn’t be trusted entirely. Logos and seals of approval are merely graphics, and can be easily faked or stolen so once again; double check. Also, the certifying authority may certify the soundness of the e-commerce system in accepting credit card information, not its willingness to pay off winners. Certifications are a good sign, but not a guarantee of reliability.

To make things easy for you we have made a selection of the best and most reputable blackjack casinos.