The information in this section describes that environment in detail to help players avoid some of the pitfalls and exploit the few incentives that casinos set out for them.

The Casino Layout

If you’ve never been to a casino, or have not paid close attention, here’s an introduction to casinos

Choosing the “right” casino table

In most casinos, there are two dozen or so blackjack tables available. There are a few things to observe and consider before sitting down at a casino table.

Buying Casino Chips

Aside from playing the game itself, there are a few financial transactions and communications you’ll need to make to enter, play, and leave a table. Buying and cashing in your casino chips can, at first, seem daunting, but fear not we are here to help!

Casino Etiquette

As in any social situation, there is an unwritten code of etiquette in blackjack: there are certain things you should do (or refrain from doing) at the table that are not part of the game. Casino etiquette is crucial to understand.

Blackjack Side Bets

Since a skilled blackjack player can significantly reduce the house’s profit, casinos provide an array of peripheral “opportunities” to lose. These blackjack side bets should be termed how to lose blackjack bets.

Casino Procedures

For every action that takes place at the table, there is a specific casino procedure. Though it’s a regular part of the business for casino employees, they can be attractive to the initiate.

Casino Vouchers & Casino Comps

To retain valuable players, casinos offer complimentary that range from free drinks to an all-expenses-paid return trip to the casino. However, buer be ware, dont chase casino comps – they may end up costing you.

Casino Cheats

While cheating the player isn’t a widespread practice, it does occur in some locations, so it’s worthwhile to be aware of some of the techniques that may be used against a player or by players. Casino cheats are not just a casino’s realm.