Nothing quite compares to the excitement of seeing a dealer turning your cards. Until not too long ago this was an experience online blackjack players had to miss out on. As goes for any other casino game, the biggest thrills usually occur in a real environment. However, the live blackjack this experience is no longer limited to real casinos and gamblers playing at online casinos can play too, with the same excitement and the same thrills, at home sitting right behind their computer.

Live Blackjack Online

The traditional blackjack game in online casinos is wholly based on computer graphics, and it often feels like playing a computer game. Playing the game is fun, but the environment and the social experience are lacking.

Live blackjack makes up for this and offers a whole new online blackjack experience. The game itself remains the same, but the environment makes all the difference. Players can see the casino and the dealer through a video stream which brings a lot more excitement to the game right away. The dealers communicate with the players, shuffle the decks, deal and turn, which makes the whole experience even better. Not everyone will be looking for live games, but it is highly recommended that you at least try it out once. Most players have reported finding the live variant more relaxing and enjoyable to play. Card counting will still be quite hard to apply, but a basic strategy is still a viable option.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing with at live dealer casinos offers some advantages:

  1. Players no longer have to stare at computer graphics, but they can see a live casino and a real live dealer.
  2. Players can now interact with the dealer, just like in a real casino. It makes the blackjack experience more fun and more realistic.
  3. The dealers are often not just fun to talk to, but also nice to look at, which surely does beat computer graphics.
  4. You will never have that feeling that the computer is cheating again, after all, you can see the dealers and the cards that are being dealt.

It also comes with a specific disadvantage:

  1. Playing blackjack online in a live environment won’t be quite as fast as playing normal online blackjack, because the dealer has to collect the cards, shuffle the cards, wait for a players bet and deal the cards after each round.
  2. Various casinos have their range of minimum bets; in live games, these usually are slightly higher compared to the regular games.

Play Live Blackjack

If you are interested in playing live blackjack these tips might be useful for you:

  1. To maximise your chances of winning, be sure to know the rules of playing blackjack before playing at the live tables.
  2. Try the live blackjack rooms in multiple casinos and see for yourself which casino offers the best version for you. You will find that various casinos will have their game interface, game pace and dealers.

Feel free to interact with the dealer when playing a live dealer game. It will not only make their job more fun, but it will also improve your blackjack experience.

Before you jump into Live Blackjack make sure you know the blackjack rules and have tested your favourite blackjack strategy.