American Blackjack

American Blackjack, named twenty-one in many countries, is a popular multiplayer card game where players play against a dealer who deals cards to every player. In the game, each player has to compete against the dealer independently without playing against each other.

American Blackjack by Playtech

Playtech is one of the most popular gaming software providers with many popular titles to their name. As one of the leading casino game providers, Playtech ensures that all their games including slot games, card games, and live dealer games are fair and feature excellent graphics. Games by Playtech are known for their interactive gameplay, close to realistic graphics, and exciting background music. American Blackjack by Playtech also features superior graphics that make the game interesting and easy to play.

Basics of American Blackjack

Based on the standard rules of the blackjack card game, American Blackjack is a fun to play game. The game revolves around the mission of achieving the target of 21 before dealer achieves it. However, if you exceed 21, you will be busted and lose your bet. If the dealer exceeds 21, you will automatically win the game. The game is played with 6 decks of playing cards with each deck containing 52 cards. The cards used in the game do not include jokers.

How to Play American Blackjack?

To start the round, two cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. In the case of a player, both cards are faced up, and in the case of a dealer, the first card is up while the second card is faced down. In American blackjack, players must try to reach 21 without exceeding this number. Double down is allowed on any two cards and players are allowed to split up to three times. However, when aces are considered, splitting is allowed only once. In the American Blackjack variant, players also have the facility of an early surrender. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by achieving the total of 21 before the dealer achieves the total.

What Unique Features American Blackjack Has?

American Blackjack is similar to European Blackjack apart from a couple of tweaks that make the game more exciting. One of the major differences is that in American Blackjack, the dealer can have a look at the second card dealt that is faced down. By peeking at the card, he/she can check if the blackjack is possible. Other notable features are early surrender and 10—card-Charlie rule.

Personally, I like the unique features the game offers to the players. Given all the features and ease of the player, we would rate the game 8.5 out 10. We recommend players to play American Blackjack by Playtech if you are fond of different variations of Blackjack.

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