Casino Bonuses

Whenever you land on an online casino site, you are always surrounded by lots of bonuses and promotions. And the word ‘Free’ always comes out on top. So does that mean you can sign up, receive the free amount and run away? Of course not! The casinos know how to protect themselves. Let us discuss the different types of bonuses casinos offer and what do they mean. There are many types of bonuses available, but in all of them, the 200% casino bonus and the no deposit free spins bonus in the UK are the favoured in online casinos. It is perfect to entice the customers and nicely affordable for the casinos too.

200% Casino Bonus

The first and foremost type of bonus offered by all the online casinos is the welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is a free amount you receive when you make an account with the casino. Depending on the casino, the bonus amount and percentage varies. But in majority cases, you will see 200% casino bonus the UK. One such casino is Casimba. It means that if you register your account and deposit say £100, then the casino will give you a 200% match, that is, £200 from their side. Now, you will have £300 to play with. But that does have some conditions attached related to the wager.

200% Deposit Bonus

One other popular bonus type is the reload bonus. Many casinos don’t restrict the 200% casino bonus the UK to welcome bonuses only. They offer a 50% – 200% match on later deposits too. It keeps on decreasing with subsequent deposits, but many times bonus is offered till the 4th deposit made.

Many casinos offer a monthly bonus which is an incentive for the returning customers. In an online casino business, player loyalty is everything. And to keep the players coming back, they offer incentives and promotions via email or advertisements. After some period, players achieve a VIP status and enjoy lots of rewards.

Among all the bonuses, casinos can afford to pay double the amount deposited by the players. Giving 200% casino bonus the UK is feasible for the casino. Anything less is not enticing for the players and anything more is not affordable unless it’s a gaming giant.

Free Spins No Deposit

We’ve talked about the best deposit offers – a massive 200% casino bonus but what about no deposit bonuses? Lets jump straight into the best no deposit bonuses. Its rather simple – free spins no deposit or wager bonuses are the best. And they are very popular in slot games. It may be a welcome bonus or any other kind of bonus. Upon registration, you may receive a certain amount of free spins like 50 free spins or 30 free spins no deposit which you can either use on all slots or some selected slots.

The no deposit bonus is a highly popular bonus. Now many casinos have started to offer a no deposit bonus to attract more players. No deposit means that you sign up with the casino and the casino will give you a bonus amount from their side. You have to start playing. You don’t need to deposit any real money to try the casino.