Atlantic City Blackjack

We have two version of Atlantic City Blackjack

Microgaming Atlantic City Blackjack

Altantic City Blackjack Gold

Placing Bets:

To place a bet left-click the bet area on the table

To increase a bet left-click the chip pile already on the table

To decrease a bet hold down “shift” on your keyboard and left-click the chip pile of the bet you want to decrease

Blackjack is one of the most frequently and addictively played casino table games. Atlantic City Blackjack is another variant of the classic. Blackjack where a player can enjoy the concept of the original game along with a few extra and interesting features.

Atlantic City Blackjack by Microgaming

Amidst the mind-blowing collection of Microgaming casino games, Atlantic City Blackjack is one of its table game stars. High-end graphics, swift gameplay, user-friendly interface, easy payment methods etc. are what make Microgaming spectacular in its own way. Having all these features in it, Atlantic City Blackjack has taken over the hearts of numerous casino players.

Basics of Atlantic City Blackjack

The setup of the game is simple and similar to that of the classic blackjack. The game is famous in the Atlantic City Casinos. Slight changes in the payout rates and basic rules are what differentiate the Atlantic City Blackjack from the original game. It has a quirky background music that keeps you entertained throughout the game. The main purpose for the player in the game is to beat the dealer and get a total close or equal to 21.

How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack?

The game is played with 8 whole decks with 52 cards in each. You can play the game for free at first to practice and learn before putting in your own money in it. The game starts with placing the bets and then dealing the cards. The total of the cards should be closest to 21 for the player to win. If you have two cards of the same number or same value, you can split the cards. One thing to be kept in mind is that if you have already split your aces and then a card of value 10 is dealt with you, even if the total comes up to 21, it won’t count as a blackjack.

Unique Features of Atlantic City Blackjack

A normal blackjack win gives you a payout of 3:2, but an insurance win would provide 2:1 payout. Another unique feature of the game is that you can surrender later also. If you want to surrender after the cards are dealt, you’ll get half of your money back. One more interesting feature of the game is the peek function. If the dealer gets a card of value 10 or an ace, he can peek the unopened card to check for blackjack.

The game has an RTP of 99.6% and is extremely popular. It is addictive in nature and you just don’t want to stop playing. As per my experience, I’d rate the game an 8.5/10.

iSoft Atlantic City Blackjack