Blackjack Hi Lo

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Add a little more spice to the basic Blackjack game and play Blackjack Hi Lo to win incredible payouts. The game broadens the dimensions of the traditional game and lets you enjoy an amazing thrill and excitement by inculcating extra winning opportunities than the classic Blackjack game.

Blackjack Hi Lo by Microgaming

Microgaming has always been surprising its players with something new and interesting. Blackjack Hi Lo is one such Blackjack variation provided by Microgaming that turns the popular game all the way the most played online casino game. With the additional feature of placing side bets, the game has a lot to offer.

Basics of Blackjack Hi Lo

The game has a simple and easy to understand user interface. The browser will just need a flash player to load the game. Music in the backdrop of the game is really enthusiastic. The features are attractive and the graphics are worth appreciation.

How to Play Blackjack Hi Lo?

It is played with a total of two decks of 52 cards each. The game is played similar to that the traditional Blackjack game. The aim is to reach a total close or equal to 21. Other than the main aim, the player has to set side bets too which would determine additional winnings. It has an additional side bet feature in it. The player can split the bet if needed. But once the bet is split, the player cannot choose the double down option, else he can. The option of surrendering is also not available in the game. Thus, once the bets are placed and the player deals the card, the total would show whether the person won or lost. The screen would show whether player wins or dealer wins after each hand.

What Unique Feature Blackjack Hi Lo Has?

What makes Blackjack Hi Lo different from the traditional blackjack is the side bet. The Hi and the Lo bets are placed with an expected total either lower than 13 or higher than 13 respectively. The payout for this will be 1:1. If the total turns out to be 13, then the payout boosts up to 10:1. Also, for Hi Lo bets, the value of ace will always be considered as 1.


This outstanding game by Microgaming is a must play for the old as well as new casino gamers. The overall conduct of the game is entertaining and gives you an unexpected spin to the classic blackjack game. I’d give this game a 9/10 for sure.

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