Super Blackjack 21

If you are a regular table game player, then Super Blackjack 21 is the perfect entertainment spot for you. The game is simple yet involving and allows you to try your luck on the win against the winner by scoring a total close or equal to 21.

Super Blackjack 21 by Playtech

Playtech is a leading provider of the blackjack casino games available for the players to enjoy. With the belief of giving the best gaming experience, Blackjack 21 is an outstanding game provided by Playtech which is extremely popular amongst the online casino gamers. High-end graphics, swift gameplay, and outstanding features are what make it better than others.

Basics of Super Blackjack 21

Talking about the basics of the game, it is easily understandable with a user-friendly interface. The game has vibrant colors and realistic features such as an amazing sound system that guides you throughout the game, a live chat option, customizable settings etc. The game can be easily loaded online and therefore doesn’t require a download to play.

How to Play Super Blackjack 21?

The game is easy to play. You have to simply place your bet using the coins placed at the left bottom of your screen. A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play the game. The value of the aces can be calculated either as 1 or as 11. The decision is made keeping in mind what can be the best one for the player to have a chance to win. Once the bet is made for each seat, two cards are dealt with the player and two are dealt with the dealer. One card of the dealer faces upwards and one stays hidden. You can hit, double, or stand the cards to get a total close to 21. Hit adds one extra card to your hand, double will double the bet amount and add a card to your hand, and stand will decline the addition of further cards. If exceeded by 21, your hand will get busted.

What Unique Feature Super Blackjack 21 Has?

The game does have some unique features like it has 6 French card decks. Other than this, the 6-card hand which is also called as “Charlies” can help you win a lot of exciting things.

The game has an impressive RTP of 99.22% and is a good option to play. I personally liked the interface of the game and the way it makes online Super Blackjack 21 entertaining. Its an 8.5/10 for us.