Advanced Blackjack Strategy

The advanced blackjack strategy section includes information on card counting, and clump reading and shuffle tracking. These techniques further increase players ability to even the odds at blackjack. We suggest reading the blackjack basic strategy prior to studying these techniques.’s introduction to Card Counting shows how keeping track of the cards that have been dealt increases the odds in his favour. This practice, though discouraged, is completely legal, and can have a dramatic effect on a player’s winnings.

The Card Counting Tutorial for counting cards at blackjack, using a basic (but effective) system. Includes wagering, basic strategy adjustments, and instructions for multi-deck games.

Card Counting Systems

Provides additional systems to the one taught in the tutorial, with varying degrees of difficulty and accuracy.

Card Counting Trainer

Two on-line trailers area available: one for improving your speed at counting cards individually, the other by the hand. Both can be set to work with up to eight decks and by several different counting systems.

Card Counting Tips

Casinos keep an eye out for card counters and, in locations where they can, they will eject them. Here’s how to avoid calling attention to yourself, along with some tips for making the best of a bad situation.

Clump Reading and Shuffle Tracking

These techniques require such intense and constant scrutiny and calculation that they are nearly impossible to practice, though they may be of value as an alternative in multi-deck games.