How to predict the next lottery numbers

Brazilian mathematician, Renato Gianella claims it is possible to predict the results of a lottery draw by applying  complicated math and probability theories. His study called the “Geometry of Chance: Lotto Numbers Follow a Predicted Pattern”, finds all possible combinations and their probabilities of occurring with a 48 number draw. His study is based of twenty international lotteries.

How to predict lottery numbers mathematically

The mathematician behind the study has created a website which uses colour patterns to show number combinations which are more likely to win the, but you may need more than standard math to decipher the code. As it requires highly sophisticated algorithms and probability processes. Gianella’s study shows that all numbers have a chance to be drawn but that some numbers have a higher chance than others. On his website, which can be visited herethere is a colour coded template that has accumulated 12,271,512 possible combinations and factored them down to 210 coloured templates. These templates let you select your numbers and find a relatively accurate valuation of the chance of your numbers being selected.

How to predict lottery numbers trick

So is it poossble? In theory, yes. In actuality, no. Although you can narrow down the most likely numbers that will be drawn, this is still no grantee that the most likely numbers will be chosen. Predicting lottery numbers is little more than a trick

For example if you flip a coin 50 times, there is an equal possibility to get 25 heads and 25 tails. This does not mean however that that will be the actual result as each flips probability is exclusive of the previous one. So getting heads first does not grantee tails second. This theory applies to the lottery as well as each number is exclusive of all other numbers drawn in the lottery.