Affleck Banned From Hard Rock Casino

Ben Affleck Banned from Blackjack Tables at Hard Rock Casino

Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas has decided that Ben Affleck can no longer play blackjack at their casino. The reason? According to the casino the new Batman is just too good at the game and they don’t want to lose any more money to the popular actor.

True Blackjack pro?

Although Affleck was banned for life from the blackjack tables, the casino did still allow the actor to play any other game at the casino. According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, Hard Rock Casino thinks Affleck at the blackjack tables is hurting their profitability. Perhaps Affleck is truly a person with exceptional blackjack skills or maybe the management of Hard Rock Casino has just been watching too many movies. Affleck has starred as a winning gambler in several gambling movies.

No official comment

Although the casino has a house edge in all casino games, sometimes some particular players do seem to be able to beat the odds and consistently manage to beat the house. In most cases foul play comes to mind, but in Affleck’s case this seems unlikely. The casino has not accused him of any unfair play and they refused to comment on the matter when asked for a response by Reuters. If the casino would still decide to comment on the matter at a later time, you’ll read about it first right here at Ace Ten.