Social casino thrills at Zynga still on hold

It has been over a year since Zynga, the social gaming company, finished its IPO and jumped on NASDAQ. Investors who were interested in the Internet IPOs and in social media had their peak back when Zynga listed itself as a market for sharing stocks publicly. However, the company has been going down along with other social media stocks.

There have been many opinions about why Zynga has been facing problems, among which include the freemium models their games have. While Zynga does have a huge base of users, it has definitely struggled in making money from that. The biggest problem has also included the shift to mobile gaming.

However, Zynga has been looking to further revive their growth once again and get back into the business. Back in October 2012, the company said it had a plan to reduce its cost and wants to get back onto the mobile market. However, perhaps the thing that has gotten investors so excited is the fact that it wants to make the jump into real money gaming.

October also saw Zynga make an announcement to work exclusively to offer real money gambling with poker and casino games within the United Kingdom. In the previous month, the company also said that it had filed an application with Nevada to be able to run the same kinds of games within the state.

Earlier we wrote about innovations in the casino industry, and it seems this is something Zynga is pushing for. Zynga’s hoping to regain its growth by getting into the gambling market, and it seems that the company is truly putting a concentrated effort into making this foray into the market succeed. However, up until now the only results we are able to see so far is an empty site with a ‘coming early 2013’ message.