State to Not Increase House Edge in BlackJack

The state of Pennsylvania wants to create player-friendly blackjack rules in casinos. Currently, there is a commission reviewing this proposal. Pennsylvania wants to know more about the house edge in the game.

On October 12, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission asked the Gaming Control Board to compare the house advantage with rules in other states. This includes the state of New Jersey with its blackjack rules. Pennsylvania is the only state that carries a lower house edge. This means that residents and visitors have a better chance at winning the game.

This has caused the Review Commission to take a further look into the blackjack rules. They want to make the game tougher for people to win. After all, other states make it harder for players to win at the game of blackjack and other popular casino games.

Blackjack has a variety of rules for players to follow. Some rules are good for the house, and other rules are good for the players. These rules put Pennsylvania at less than the 0.4 percent house advantage for the players who follow the ‘basic strategy’ rules. They play each hand based on the dealer’s up card in this computerized approach.

Good rules include requirements that dealers stand on Ace-Six and that all players pay 3-to-2 ($15 on a $10 bet), and players have the option of surrendering half their bet, hitting or standing. The Commission will review the rules to see if it has the public’s best interest in the blackjack game.

Richard McGarvey of the Gaming Control Board said the board would respond to the Commission’s request about making the rules permanent for once and for all. They want to create a game that is fair and balanced between the house and the players. The Review Commission can only pose questions, not rewrite the blackjack game.