Pokerstars Going To New Jersey

Pokerstars is expected to acquire a license for entering the New Jersey gambling market next month. After an unsuccessful attempt at entering the New Jersey market about a year ago, both Pokerstars and New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak are confident they’ll be able to make it this time.

Different circumstances

A lot has changed over the past year. Pokerstars and its parent company, the Rational Group, were acquired by Amaya Gaming, while in the meantime the Atlantic City casino scene has been struggling. Several casinos have closed this year and the city seems to be in dire need of investments in the gambling sector. The Rational Group did try to buy one of the casinos in Atlantic City last year, but it was unsuccessful, mainly due to its involvement in a money laundering and bank fraud case.

Big plans

This time around it’s Amaya Gaming at the negotiating table and acquiring a license or taking over a casino should be a whole lot easier. Especially since Amaya is willing to invest a significant amount of money in Atlantic City. The gambling giant is not just thinking of hosting online poker, but it also wants to enhance its brand and offer attractions and events in the city. It is currently unknown if the Amaya’s plans also include buying up one of the bankrupt casinos, but it does seem likely.