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Blackjack Apprenticeship Announces Support For Android Is Coming

Blackjack Apprenticeship, the creators of one of the most popular card counting apps for iOS, have announced that their top-rated card counting application on iOS will soon be ported to Android. The Apprenticeship will not develop the application themselves, but a 3rd party developer will take care of making the port as well as keeping it updated.

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In the meantime, the company will not neglect its iOS users, and the iOS application will also keep being updated to maintain its good position in the App Store. They expect a new update for the iOS application to hit the App Store sometime next month. They recommend people that already own the application for iOS to keep an eye on the update tab in the App Store.

Last but not least, the Blackjack Apprenticeship also announced they are working with a developer that will assist in developing applications for Google Glass. Although Google Glass will probably not be available to consumers for at least another year, it is a very interesting platform for card counters. The use of Google Glass could guide people to ‘hot’ casinos and help them counting cards in real-time. It remains to be seen if a Google Glass solution can be used in casinos, however, as several casinos have already announced they will not be allowing Google’s new gadget in their casino.