Blackjack is a great game that we all love playing, but the real blackjack fans amongst us can also enjoy watching a movie or reading a good book about blackjack. Books about blackjack can generally be divided into two categories: books about blackjack strategies and stories about blackjack.

When looking at books about blackjack strategies, many excellent books can teach all of us a thing or two. Although beginners will usually gain more from these books, even experts will be amazed at the knowledge that good books on blackjack strategy contain.

People who are interested in blackjack strategy should take a look at books like The Ultimate Edge, Blackjack Bluebook II and Modern Card Counting. These books all contain some great strategies and tips on how to improve your game and how to maximise your chances at the blackjack tables. We will not discuss these books in detail since most of these strategy books are quite similar and they cover the same topics. For those who are looking for something to read while on the road, these would be our suggestions. However, all this information can be found online as well – definitely a medium we prefer since it’s easier, quicker and more up-to-date.

For those of us who like stories all about blackjack, we recommend checking out Ben Mezrich’s Bringing The House Down. In this book, a MIT graduate joins the MIT blackjack team, and together they start training their card counting skills. They soon become card counting experts and experience the craziest adventures. Bringing Down The House is based on a true story, and it has also been adapted into the movie 21.

Another great blackjack story is told in The Reno Con. In this book, Tom is having a bad day when he witnesses a murder and his girlfriend leaves him. When he meets a new girl, he finds out that her company is in big financial trouble and he wants to help her. When a scientist in the company discovers a new method to cheat casinos, Tom decides to join in and starts playing blackjack for big money. An exciting story unfolds, and after finishing this book, you will probably want to run to the closest casino right away.