Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold Review

The popularity of blackjack card game has increased over the years in online casinos. For the delight of card game players, there are many different versions of the game available that follow the basic rules of the standard blackjack game but have certain modifications that make the card game even more interesting. One such version of the game that has grown popular amongst online casino players is Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold. The game has attracted a large number of players since Microgaming introduced it.

Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

Microgaming is counted in the list of the world’s leading and most trusted online casino gaming software providing companies with many popular online slot games and card games to its name. The games developed by Microgaming are known for its top-notch quality graphics, exciting yet straightforward gameplay, and catchy background music. Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold is another masterpiece by Microgaming having excellent graphics and a close resemblance to the land-based casinos. The game comes with well-labelled buttons and easy gameplay making it easy even for the novice players who are aware of the basic rules of the blackjack game.

Basics of Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold is a multi-hand blackjack game in which players can play up to five hands. One of the significant differences between Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold and the standard version of blackjack game is that in this game all the ten-valued cards are removed. The game aims to reach the magical number of 21 with the combination of cards before the dealer does. However, you cannot exceed the value of 21, and if you do so, you will automatically lose your wager.

Play Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

The basic rules of the Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold are similar to the classic blackjack game. Both players and dealer playing the game will be dealt two cards. Players can choose either HIT or Stand depending on the nature of cards received by him/her. Upon accepting Hit, new cards will be dealt, and if the player is satisfied with the cards he/she has received, they can select stand option. There are other features as well including splitting, doubling and a special bonus payout scheme.

Unique Features Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

There are plenty of unique features in the game. Some of the noteworthy features of Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold are:
• Bonus Payouts: In the game, five cards 21 payout is 3 to 2, and for a six-card 21, you will be rewarded 2 to 1. If you happen to have seven or more card 21, the payout will be 3 to 1.
• Doubling: Players can double the wagering amount if they feel like an extra card can help them create a winning hand.

Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold by Microgaming offers an altogether different kind of card gaming experience to the players that love blackjack. I would rate this game as 8.5 out of 10 for its features and engaging gameplay.