Blackjack Intermediate Strategy

Once a player has mastered basic strategy, an intermediate strategy (also called a “wagering” or “money-management” system) can be used to capitalize on his skills. The “mastered basic strategy” bears repeating, because the strategies in this section are effective only if players who can count on winning and losing roughly an equal number of hands. A player who skips the basics, with all the tedium of memorizing how to play each hand in every situation, and implements an intermediate strategy will capitalize on his poor skills—and maximize his losses as a result.

Effective Money-Management Systems
There are a few (and very few) money-management systems that can effectively increase a player’s winnings, or at lease minimize his losses, over the course of a gaming session.
Bogus Money-Management Systems
These systems can be successful when the pattern of wins and losses come out a certain way, giving them some appearance of efficacy—but when the cards don’t come out perfectly, they’re practically guaranteed to lose.