Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Adopts Blackjack in Restaurant

One of Vegas’s most popular casinos now offers blackjack within an onsite restaurant. Blackjack is sometimes called 21 and is a traditional casino game. In the game, users must try to achieve a card amount that is close to 21. If they are closer to this number than the dealer, they win. If the total value goes over 21, the dealer takes the winnings. The King, Queen and Jack count as ten points while the Ace can represent either 1 or 11.

As one of the most popular card games in the United States, blackjack is a favorite among casino goers. Café Martarano’s restaurant now offers blackjack in addition to serving food. It is believed to be the first restaurant in the entire United States to have this feature. The owner and chef of the restaurant advocated for the change for two years before the tribe adopted them. On April 21, the adoption took place. Since the restaurant is on tribal land, it is completely legal.