Russia to launch Gambling zone in Crimea

flag_of_russia_poker_chips_set-r787acbab9abf46c0ad6251e163bc1df2_i34o6_8byvr_324Recently Russia has been in the international news, and for all the wrong reasons. Russia has recently annexed Crimea, formally Ukraine, and claimed the territory as part of their country. The united Nations still does not recognize this action and have deemed it illegal by Russia, as it is a violation of Ukrainian territorial integrity.

Gambling in Russia

In 2009 gambling was officially forbidden in Russia, when Putin’s government decided to adopt a controversial package of laws against gambling, smoking and underage drinking. But at the same time the country opened four “Gambling Zones” in Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Altai and Vladivostok. This project failed however and the only active gambling zone is the one located in Krasnodar.


The Russian government hopes to boost tourism in its newly acquired territory. It wants so extend the success of the winter Olympics in Sochi by adding Crimea to the list where gambling is legal. If this project is to go ahead there will be new casinos and resorts built in Crimea to accommodate the new gambling society. Russia hopes that this will boost both the local and national economy of Crimea and Russia.