Pokerstars To Add Blackjack Soon?

pokerstars-logoThe world’s largest online poker room, Pokerstars, will probably soon be offering two additional games in Spain. A Spanish subsidiary of the company has received licenses for both blackjack and roulette and according to a Pokerstars representative, the company is looking to fulfill its customer demands.

Focus on poker

Pokerstars is the largest online poker room in the world and up until now it has always focused on poker. Although its parent company, The Rational Group, does have gambling licenses for several other games, thus far other games have only been added to Full Tilt Poker (which also belongs to The Rational Group). A logical decision according to the gambling community, as Pokerstars offered what its name implied.

New games coming soon?

That’s all about to chance however, as Pokerstars itself has admitted that other games will be offered in the near future. In the beginning, the new games will only be added in Spain, but in the near future we can expect these games to be offered in other countries as well. The new direction Pokerstars is going is unrelated to the Amaya takeover, as Pokerstars had already started the application process for the licenses before Amaya was even looking into the acquisition.

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