Will Casino Revenues Continue To Rise In The United States?

Whether you’re a blackjack player or any other type of gambler, you’re probably interested in knowing what’s going on with live casinos in regards to revenue. After all, if a live casino is performing well, then they’re much more likely to offer favorable comps. When you have a free room and free food, you’re much more likely to make good decisions at the blackjack table, or at any other game for that matter. If a live casino isn’t performing well, then it’s a location you should avoid. They’re less likely to offer good comps and the staff is probably on the down side, which can have effect on the overall mood in the casino.

Over the past two years, live casinos have raked in over $35 billion in revenues. That’s impressive. The best performers have been Maryland and Pennsylvania. The worst performing location has been Atlantic City. This has a lot to do with the atmosphere you will find outside the casinos in Atlantic City, which includes thugs, crooks, prostitutes, drug addicts and pretty much anything else negative you can think of. Some people think Revel will turn the city around, but that will be a tough road to hoe in such a challenging economic environment.

With Europe in disarray, China slowing, major U.S. banks hiding enormous derivative losses and people underemployed, it’s not likely that U.S. casinos will continue to show big gains in the coming years. Don’t worry, though. The casinos and their blackjack tables will still be waiting for you.