Should You Sit At Third Base?

This is a common question asked by amateur blackjack players. Sitting at third base is looked at as being the king at the blackjack table. It’s highly overrated, but if you enjoy being “the man” and you enjoy pressure situations, then it might be the right spot for you. The only real negative is whether or not you will have to deal with other people complaining about your decisions – but only if the dealer wins the hand.

If you’re playing Basic Strategy, then you won’t have to worry about anyone complaining. If you don’t know Basic Strategy, then you’re better off sitting somewhere else. The middle of the table would likely be the best option. If you sit at first base, then you’re going to have to make quick decisions, which might not be the best situation, either.

Now let’s look at the other side of the equation. If you’re sitting at a blackjack table and someone at third base makes a decision that goes against Basic Strategy, should you complain? You likely will if you lose money, but there are two factors to consider. One, over the long haul, decisions made by the player sitting at third base doesn’t impact your wins and losses. Two, it’s possible that the player sitting at third base is counting cards. Therefore, he might be hitting or sticking for a reason, even if it doesn’t add up to common sense Basic Strategy.