Nightclub BJ At Mohegan Sun

Don’t get too excited. In this case, BJ pertains to blackjack. That might not be as exciting as some other thoughts running through your head, but it should still get your blood pumping. What could be better than listening to pulse-pounding music and watching beautiful people move while nailing a double down? The answer is absolutely nothing, especially if you’re a passionate blackjack player who loves to party, or at least loves watching other people party.

Mohegan Sun will now offer the first nightclub blackjack on the East Coast, which will be called Vista Lounge. It will take up 4,600 square feet. In case you’re not familiar with measurements, that’s larger than two average-sized homes combined.

There will be two blackjack tables in the nightclub. One will be a private table that can be reserved for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The other blackjack table will be for anyone in the nightclub who has the desire to play. The location of the tables is perfect; they overlook the Casino of the Sky.

As far as the nightclub itself goes, you will be impressed. It’s home to the largest planetarium dome in the world. Not only that, but this dome changes color based on the hour. The sound system is extremely precise using advanced technology. The most popular drinks served are champagne and cosmopolitans.

It’s now getting to the point where people are traveling from all around the country just to play blackjack at Mohegan Sun. This is truly turning into a Las Vegas-like casino. In a few years, a younger generation might be asking, “What’s Foxwoods?”