Is Your Teen Playing Online Blackjack for Money?

If this question were to be asked several years ago, the answer would immediately be “no.” A young teen playing online blackjack was unheard of. But when it comes to teenagers, once a “cool” trend builds momentum it becomes extremely difficult to stop. There are rumors however of an increased rate of teens who are illegitmately playing online blackjack for real money. In most countries the minimum legal age to enter a casino, whether local or online, is 18.

The problem here is that teens think computer trickery is cool. Therefore, they won’t hesitate to put fake information into a contact form at an online casino. This will allow them to play for free. Some teens will even hack into someone else’s account so they can play for real money, even though it’s not their money.

At the current time, this is not yet an epidemic, but there are signs that it can be down the road. With hacking to the side, you might be wondering what could be so bad about playing free blackjack online. It’s dangerous for teenagers because they’re easily influenced. If they fall in with a group of people who think blackjack is cool, despite being underage, they will continue to play blackjack. This will eventually lead to real-money play whether it’s online or live. Not only is this illegal, but teens who play blackjack are four times more likely to develop a gambling problem down the road.

One solution is for stricter sign-up forms at all online casinos. However, this might dissuade of-age blackjack players from registering. That being the case, it’s not a step most online casinos will take. The best way to deal with teens playing blackjack is to monitor their online access.