Do You Really Want Live Blackjack Dealers Online?

Blackjack is a simple game, which is why it’s so amazing how the game still manages to progress and transform through the years. First it went from one shoe to two shoes and so on. Next, we had Basic Strategy. Then came card counting. Eventually, we had online blackjack. Today, we even have live online blackjack dealers. However, is this good or bad for players?

Anyone who is playing blackjack online for entertainment purposes will look at live dealers as a big positive. It’s more interactive and the dealers are usually attractive females. It has even gotten to the point where people with no interest in blackjack are playing online just to flirt with the dealers. They might not realize that they have way better odds on hitting blackjack rather than dating the dealers, but they still aim high.

If you’re playing online blackjack for profit, then that’s a completely different situation. Though most female dealers are gorgeous as well as flirtatious, you don’t want any distractions. For example, if you’re playing Basic Strategy with a strict money-management strategy, then anyone who is communicating with you live through the screen could possibly be a distraction.

You might be thinking that it’s the same as playing at a real casino, but that’s not the case at all. When you play blackjack online, you have to deal with the phone ringing, your wife or girlfriend asking for your help with something, the doorbell ringing because some kids are raising money for a fundraiser and so on. Apart from this, we still love live games as they become more interactive and real, making sure there is no trickery behind the scenes.

What is your opinion on live dealers for online blackjack?