Count Cards With Speed And Precision

 If you’re going to count cards in a live casino, then you better be prepared. Card counting is an advanced strategy that will take some practice and can not be applied to blackjack online. You will be engaging in psychological warfare with the casino’s dealer, pit boss and security staff. Winning this battle against such highly trained individuals isn’t easy, but it can be done.

Your first step should be to purchase a software program for counting cards. With the right training, you can take yourself to the highest level possible in just a few short months. This could mean the potential for winning tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a few weeks. However, once you make that big hit, you have to get out. Casinos don’t like to lose, and if you beat them, they will spread the word to all the other casinos in town.

After you complete the software training program for counting cards, take your skills to the live casino of your choice. Remember that giving away tells can be very dangerous. Avoid licking or smacking your lips, rapid eye movements, unnatural hand movements, gulping or anything else that might seem out of the ordinary to a trained eye. You have to think of it as being involved in a high-stakes poker match. If you can maintain your poker face and count cards with precision, then you can walk away as a big winner.

If you don’t choose to use a software program for training, then train manually. Your goal should be to get through the deck within 30 seconds. Of course, your count should end up at zero. If you feel this is not your type of thing and rather play casually and stress free, then stick to playing Basic Strategy for online blackjack!