Caesars Casino creates partnership with Facebook to boost presence

Facebook continues to be a popular way for casinos to market their games and their brand. The most recent casino to turn to Facebook to improve its ratings is Caesars Casino, from Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc., reports.

Under the new agreement, the casino will be available on the social network to offer gamblers a chance to play online blackjack and other table games for free.

The news outlet reports that the casino knows blackjack will most likely be the most popular game users play, however it hopes the new partnership will get gamblers interested in other activities offered on the site as well.

Aside from getting more Facebook users interested in gambling, the casino is also likely hoping that people with Facebook accounts outside of the U.S. will enjoy playing the free versions so much, that they'll end up on their actual casino site playing for real money. The news source reports that the company might also have their sights set on U.S. gamers opting to take a trip to its land-based casino, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Do you think the Facebook partnership will bring more gamblers to the company's site?  Do you think it will be more successful if online gambling is legalized in the U.S.?