Blackjack In Russia

When you think of legalized high-stakes gambling, you certainly don’t think of Russia. That’s one of the few places that falls into the “off the radar” category. However, Russia has recently come up with a pretty impressive game plan, which is to build a casino mecca in Vladivostok.

This mecca won’t only include top-of-the-line casinos, but fancy yacht clubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels as well. Don’t worry; if you’re not into the whole upscale scene and you just care about gambling, there will also be affordable places to stay.

The casinos will offer all the traditional games, including blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, and much more.

The reason Vladivostok is such a strategic location is because it will attract gamblers from both Seoul and Beijing. This, in turn, will make it competitive with Macau. China and Russia have already formed an agreement that Chinese visitors to Vladivostok will not need a visa, and they will be able to stay for up to two weeks.

Currently, the Russian government is estimating that Vladivostok can bring in $7 billion in revenue per year. With Beijing only being a short plane ride away, this is possible. The one major issue the Russians are overlooking is the state of the global economy. China has recently slowed considerably. On the other hand, these casinos will mostly cater to the rich, who won’t be as affected by a slowdown. Also, Seoul residents will be eager to finally have a chance at visiting a casino; don’t be surprises if blackjack soon becomes the most popular game in South Korea.