What Makes Blackjack The Great Game That It Is?

blackjack2Blackjack is without doubt one of the most popular casino games and most people that have a night out at the casino will play at least a couple of hands at the blackjack tables. What makes blackjack such a popular game and why has it always been a favorite of many gamblers?

Easy to learn, hard to master

Blackjack is a game that would definitely fall in the category ‘easy to learn yet hard to master’. The basics of the game are pretty simple and virtually anyone would be able to play the game after a 2 minute introduction. Becoming a successful player and maximizing your odds is a different beast, however, and that does require a lot of training and practice.

Low house odds

Aside from being an easy to learn game, blackjack is also a game that gives the gambler good odds. The exact odds depend on the rules that are used in the casino. If you are looking to play blackjack, the best idea is to find a casino that offers a single deck game with 3:2 blackjack payouts as the house advantage there is as small as 0.2 percent.

Word of advice

Last but not least, we still want to give our readers a good word of advice. If you are thinking about playing some blackjack at the casino, do not skip learning basic blackjack strategy. Although blackjack is easy to play and the house edge is small, player errors do increase the house edge and mastering basic blackjack strategy isn’t something that can be done on the spot; you will need to study a bit to maximize your odds. We recommend reading the basic strategy section right here at Ace Ten and playing some (free) online practice games to make sure you are all good to go.