Gambling is my “Drug of Choice”

2011-01-09-gambling_addictionProblem gambling or ludomania, is the urge or addiction to continuously gamble despite clear harmful and negative consequences.

The Facts

Studies show that excessive gambling can lead to alcohol and drug abuse problems, anxiety, depression, financial, social, and legal problems (including bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, time in prison) heart attacks (from the stress and excitement of gambling) and suicide attempts. Interestingly enough, the also show that pathological gambling exists mainly outside of the gaming establishment… Casino addicts or gambling “druggies” often go through horrible things to feed there gambling addiction.

People with pathological gambling often feel ashamed and try to avoid letting other people know about their problem. They also refuse to believe that what they are doing is wrong. They deny that they have a problem and refuse to seek professional help. Players will often fall into deep ruts before they admit that their behavior is harmful.

Prevention and Treatment

Studies claim that the number one way to prevent future gambling addicts in limiting exposure. The easiest way to do this is to not expose yourself to casinos, be they online or in the real world. Also stop or limit your participation in promotion events and lotteries. This might seem trivial but getting used to not expecting to win anything is one step in a long way in stopping your need to gamble and win money.

Treatment usually start with accepting the problem. This is the hardest step as many people refuse to believe that their actions have negative consequences, even when they are staring you in the face. After acceptance there are multiple programs such as gamblers anonymous (similar to alcohol anonymous).

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