Daniel Colman not impressed winning $15 million?

For many people winning a $15 million poker tournament would without doubt be the happiest moment in their life. It seems that’s not the case for Daniel Colman however, the American poker player looked rather annoyed after winning the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop.

The Big One

The Big One for One Drop is a $1 million buy-in charity event at the World Series of Poker. Instead of taking a 10% rake on the buy-ins, WSOP donates $111,111  of each buy-in to the One Drop Foundation which is dedicated to providing safe water to people all around the world. In total 42 people entered this year, which led to a $4.67 million donation for the One Drop Foundation and a $15.3 million first prize.

Not a happy winner?

In the finals of the 2014 Big One for One Drop, Daniel Colman was going heads-up against Daniel Nagreanu and saw things were looking bad after the flop. Colman desperately needed a 10 to complete his straight, while Nagreanu could use pretty much any other card. When a 10 did land on the turn and the river didn’t give Nagreanu a full house, one would expect to see a celebrating and happy Colman. That was not quite the case however, in fact it you’d almost think he had just lost the hand.

In an interview after the tournament, Colman told CardPlayer.com that his reaction was rather odd because playing professional poker is just too stressful.